Welcome to Le Marche

Discover Le Marche’s secrets

It’s a bit of a puzzle, Le Marche. You see, we can’t quite fathom why Tuscany gets all the plaudits, given Le Marche’s spectacular scenery, ancient towns and villages, scrumptious cooking and miles of superior coastline. But we’re glad it does, because our little secret remains just that.

We put it down to the fop-haired romantics of the eighteenth century on their Grand Tours, fawning over Le Marche’s more storied neighbour to the west. It was all ‘Michaelangelo-this’ and ‘Florence- that’ and they set a narrative which has endured.

On reflection, those, like us, who had the foresight to invest in Le Marche property have benefitted enormously. Everything feels within financial reach – which is why we’ve put together our stunning collezione of refurbished homes and beguiling projects. The urge to share this secret is too great, even though we know we ought to continue to keep Le Marche’s light firmly under its bushel.

Spread across 3,743 square miles of central Italy, the region’s geography is set at its western boundary by the dramatic Sibillini mountains, rising to more than 8,000 ft at Monte Vettore. Plunging gorges lead trout-filled streams eastwards through the rolling foothills all the way to the Adriatic and the region’s 107 miles of lovely, gentle coastline.

Pristine beaches (17 are blue flag), delightful fishing villages and old-fashioned seaside resorts make Le Marche’s coast another of its little secrets. Let Lido di Jesolo draw the crowds and leave the Marche coast to us, we say.

Head inland and a different Italy emerges – one of gentle pastures, slowly ripening grapes, wheat and olives and a temperate climate which blesses us with proper seasons, particularly as one climbs the foothills. Sunny autumn days turn crisper until a proper, snowy winter envelopes the landscape in time for the Christmas festivities. Mother Nature does things properly hereabouts.

The locals have a connection with the soil long since lost in Europe’s industrialised north. Fishing, foraging and hunting connect table to field in the most direct way possible, with the annual truffle hunt the stuff of ancient feuds as much as collective celebration.

And in the classical piazze of Le Marche’s many beautiful villages you will find the product of river, sea and soil celebrated at the table as families and friends gather each day to enjoy the region’s delicious cuisine.

Italians have an official body that designates the country’s ‘most beautiful villages’ and twenty three of them are in Le Marche. The list should be longer, in our view, but hey – does it really matter? This lovely, welcoming region with its slow pace of life and captivating views doesn’t really need any greater embellishment or celebration than that bestowed by ancient craftsmen and Mother Nature herself.

Getting here couldn’t be easier. Ancona airport is a Ryanair hub and Perugia, Pescara, Bologna and Rome airports are all no more than a couple of hours’ drive away.

Come and see, then talk to us about how you can put down your own roots. You’ll be made most welcome.