Casa Perfetta


Casa Perfetta
Penna San Giovanni

  • 10,000 Sqm
  • 119K Eur

Perfetta. It means perfect. And it is.

The house is positioned on the best plot in the region with views of mountains and sea, hill-top villages and gently-rolling landscapes. About as lovely a place as you’ll find anywhere – and it can be yours, for just 199,000 euros. Mad, really, when you think about it.

The house is set on a huge 10,000 sq m plot and would offer more than 400 sq m of built space, affording a generously-proportioned home built of local stone, wood and bricks.

We don’t expect this to be on the market for long, so call us today to discuss how we can shape the most lovely home for you in this dream setting.

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