Casa Alba


Casa Alba
Penna San Giovanni

  • 2,500 Sqm
  • 110K Eur

Gold. Everywhere, the golden hue of the natural stone that makes the architecture hereabouts so pleasing. Casa Alba is rich in golden stone, and wood, too – great, strong beams of local beech and chestnut fit to carry any load.

You’ll probably be taken by the serenity of Casa Alba’s setting before you happen upon its lovely mellow materials – a magical retreat from the madding crowds of our big cities, with views over the valley below of quite breathtaking beauty.

Casa Alba offers a generous plot and a spacious built form of almost 2,500 sq ft, to which we’d suggest you add pergolas and loggias for shade on those glorious summer days. Come see for yourself, and experience its unique solitude.

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