Casa Flo

Our intention was never to build a house, but a home – and Pilotti was the perfect place.

Better still, we had Mauro Rieti, and his wonderful "artigiani" who together crafted a beautiful retreat for us with great care and skill.

They understood that it’s not the materials they use so much as the space beneath and below them that are key to the feel of the property. So whilst the stone and ancient beams add delightful details and character it’s the space we inhabit that is key – and at Casa Flo we have found our space for life and for living.

Thys, The Netherlands

Casa Giuditta

We bought our house in 2003 as a wreck – nothing much more than a few walls, beams and some very interesting piles of masonry.

So, with the help of Mauro and his team the house was completely demolished and rebuilt using as many of the old stones and tiles as possible. Because this is an earthquake region the new construction was built on a reinforced foundation designed to withstand whatever Mother Nature may throw at us – and it has worked perfectly, which is testament to the engineering and building skills of the team.

We absolutely love Le Marche for its people, its food, the fabulous views and its get-away- from-it- all peace and quiet.

Dennis and Judy, UK

Casa Filo

In 2010 we found our dream location with a view over the Sibillini Mountains.

Thanks to Mauro Rieti and his team of skilled builders and craftsmen we are now the proud owners of our very own casa in Le Marche.

Mauro designed and built us a lovely, earthquake-proof house with garden, swimming pool and portico in beautiful surroundings and we couldn’t be happier.

Petro and Stynke, The Netherlands

Casa Ingrid

It was love at first sight: the moment we set eyes on Casa Ingrid, nestling in its beautiful, wide valley, we knew it was the one. It cast a spell on us, this ancient ruined farmhouse, set perfectly in the most lovely landscape, and we knew immediately that we would feel at home here.

Mauro Rieti explained how he would reconstruct the house to incorporate not just its beautiful stone and wooden beams, but using the best proven engineering to withstand whatever seismic activity Mother Nature may throw at us. And, sure enough, when She had an episode in 2016 the house shrugged it off as though it were nothing more than an irritant. In fact, every house in the area that Mauro had lovingly re-built had withstood the test.

We love our little Marcheggian estate and are extremely happy here, with its friendly people and pretty hilltop towns. Thank you, Mauro!

Ingrid and Thomas, Germany

Casa Edda

We bought our beautiful home in 2015, enjoying its stunning setting and distant views to the lovely Sybilline mountains. There are few places as lovely as the rolling hills of Le Marche.

Mauro Rieti managed the design and rebuilding of this ancient property and incorporated some very clever engineering that has ensured it has withstood whatever nature has thrown at it – be that earth tremors or just good, proper winters! We return to Penna San Giovanni as often as we can to enjoy its lovely setting and the beauty of the landscape. Well done, Mauro, for creating such a lovely home.

Alex and Ineke, The Netherlands

Casa Adam

We wanted somewhere quintessentially Italian, but away from the madding crowds and Le Marche fitted the bill perfectly. And so it was that we found Mauro on our very first visit. We didn’t purchase the properties he showed us but were so impressed with him and his charming, laid-back, nothing-too- much-trouble approach that we commissioned him to build our home anyway.

He brought fantastic local knowledge of materials, engineering and craftsmen and, remarkably, the process was a pleasure rather than fraught with stress like it can be back home. We were kept up to date with pictures and videos weekly so that we could see exactly where we were – and he kept the project moving along, too.

His attention to detail and understanding of fixtures and fittings delivered the beautiful home that we had dreamt of and you know how many items were on the snagging list? None. Mauro delivered a home with stunning views on a grand, south-facing plot with a lovely big pool, outdoor terrace and lawns and we were so impressed that my husband decided to go in to business with him – and Casa Adam is why we have Unique Marche. We can’t say fairer than that.

Justine, UK